About Us

August 26 group of companies

August 26 Group of companies is made up of companies with various business portfolios. The Group is multifunctional and multidimensional, with subsidiaries and associates that have the ability to provide and sustain the provision of the basic needs and equipment to the Namibian Defence Force and Namibian nation at large.

It prides itself as a group of wholly Namibian companies with the right personnel, expertise and ability to procure equipment and render services efficiently. During the year 2019, the Board of Directors of August 26 Holding, embarked on a strategic project and develop a transformational five-year strategic plan.

The transformational strategy will see the Group of companies departing from its traditional focus of servicing only the Defence industry to a new focus of transforming the Company into fully fledged investment company. In addition, the strategy also focuses for the Group of Companies in providing services to other Organizations, Ministries and Agencies (OMA’s) and to the Namibian people.

Our Vision

To be a leading diversified investment company in Industrialization and Defence Modernization

Our Mission

To drive Industrialization and Defence Modernization through prudent investments

Strategic Intent

To spearhead industrialisation through prudent investments and to grow shareholder’s value.

Get to know our values

Our Values

Values are deeply held beliefs of how things are “done” in an organisation. This is what August 26 staff members demonstrate on a daily basis. They define what the organisation stands for. The following are our corperate values.


We take ownership for our responsibilities, our actions and their results, no matter what. We keep our promises to all stakeholders – from our ccustomers to our investors and our own people – not because we have to, but because that’s who we are. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to achieve our goals.


We are always dedicated and well prepared for the future.


We are always striving to be flexible and ready to adapt to any changing environment.


We are innovators first. That’s why we always challenge each other – and ourselves – to look for smarter solutions, simpler processes and fresh ideas. It is this inspired approach that keeps us growing – as individuals and as a team. We constantly seek out new opportunities with a passion for experimenting and learning and a mindset of implementing and improving.


We do the right thing, For us, integrity means always meaning what we say and saying what we mean. We believe in doing the right thing, to stick to our word and treat all people with the same amount of sincere, generous respect – and that’s what sets us apart. We act transparently, courageously and build trust by always acting in the best interests of our ccustomers, investors and our people.


We are one team with one dream, We care about each other, as colleagues and as people. We listen. We share. We collaborate. We support, encourage, and inspire each other all the way. We take ownership for one another’s success and always put forward our contributions to making it happen.