August 26 Holding Company (PTY) Ltd, 100 percent government owned company incorporated under the company act, (act 61 of 1973) on the 14th of August 1998. The ministry of defence (MOD) is the shareholding ministry on behalf of the government of the republic of Namibia.

The company is run on pure and sound business principles. Its subsidiaries are open for joint ventures with other companies or private individuals and it may buy and hold shares in any viable business for the benefit of the shareholder and the country’s economy in general.

As a State-owned company our common corporate goal as a Group remains vested in the national Vision 2030; the medium-term planning National Development Plans I, II and III(NDPI, II&III) and other development initiatives aimed at improving the social and economic welfare of all our people. We believe ,August 26 Holding as an umbrella company for the national defense industry is indebted to contribute to the achievement of the aforementioned national goals




Brig.Gen.(rtd) JV Auala
Chief Executive Officer




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