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August 26 group of companies leading Namibia defence industrialization

August 26 Group of companies is made up of companies with various business portfolios. The Group is multifunctional and multidimensional, with subsidiaries and associates that have the ability to provide and sustain the provision of the basic needs and equipment to the Namibian Defence Force and Namibian nation at large.

It prides itself as a group of wholly Namibian companies with the right personnel, expertise and ability to procure equipment and render services efficiently. During the year 2019, the Board of Directors of August 26 Holding, embarked on a strategic project and develop a transformational five-year strategic plan. The transformational strategy will see the Group of companies departing from its traditional focus of servicing only the Defence industry to a new focus of transforming the Company into fully fledged investment company. In addition, the strategy also focuses for the Group of Companies in providing services to other Organizations, Ministries and Agencies (OMA’s) and to the Namibian people.

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To be a leading diversified investment company managing a sustainable portfolio.


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To create wealth through prudent investment practices.


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The vision and mission is supported by the Strategic Intent, which is “to maximize shareholder value” .


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