Windhoeker Maschinen Fabrik

WindhoekerMaschinen Fabrik (WMF) was incorporated in 1998 as a commercial venture of the Ministry Of Defence with 100% of its shares owned by August 26 Holdings. WMF is involved in vehicle manufacturing, fittings and repairs mainly for the defence market. Other products being produced by the company are trailers, tractors, tankers and fencing.

WMF board of directors are directly appointed by the Ministry Of Defence

Sat-Com (PTY) Ltd.

August 26 Holdings purchased 49% of Sat-Com’s shares in April 2003 after being offered equity participation by Sat-Com founding partners. On 5 March 2009, August 26 Holdings increased its shares in Sat-Com by 25.5% shares to become the majority share holder with 74.5% shares.

Sat-Com is a major player in the telecommunication industry in Namibia and the region. It is involved in manufacturing, installation and servicing electronic and telecommunications equipment including two way radios, satellites and radio transmitters. In addition to this, Sat-Com have also entered the dynamic IT market. The company undertakes significant research and development activities in the electronic communication industry on behalf of the Namibian defence force.

The Sat-Com board of directors consist of Sat-Com’s Managing Director and two members of the Defence Ministry.

August26 industries

August 26 Industries (PTY) Ltd was incorporated in April 2007 as a 100% owned subsidiary of August 26 Holdings. It operates a shoe factory situated in Okahandja which primarily manufactures footwear requirements by the Namibian Defence Force and other uniformed services. The company manufactures boots for industrial use as well.

The General Manager of the Okahandja Shoe Factory reports to the August 26 Holdings Board through the management committee of August 26 Holdings as there currently is no separate or specific board for August 26 Industries

August26 Textile and garment

The main business focus will be the manufacture of different types of garment such as, combat fatigues, trousers, jackets, shirts, protective clothing, school uniforms, other uniforms and linen. The company will manufacture all of the above and more as the business develops and the product is diversified as per customer’s request needs. The initial focus will be on the domestic market and as confidence grows and learning curves escalate, market in the region will be aggressively pursued. This will include armed forces importer, retailers, maximum merchandises, and specialty and alter clients.


Okahandja Shoe factory

Company Profile

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Brig.Gen.(rtd) JV Auala
Chief Executive Officer




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