Board of directors


August 26 Holding is the umbrella body of Namibia's defence industry , inaugurated in 1998 to be leading defence and a world-class performer in industrial undertakings and preferred supplier of security establishments in the strategic interest of the state. The general objective is ti supplement treasury resources in providing the defence capability and readiness of the national defence forces to defend and protect the national sovereignty, interests and territorial integrity.

Mr. Petrus Shivute
Chairman of the Board

Brig.Gen (rtd) J.V. Auala

Chief Executive officer

Mr C.Eita

Mrs. T.Lameck
Mr. A.P.Ndishishi
Mr. D Shimwino

In carrying out the stated objectives, the Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the company, and is accountable to the shareholders to ensure that the company is managed in line with business ethics and statutory requirements. Its responsibilities further include setting the company's direction through establishing strategic objectives, approving financial objectives and targets , providing leadership, overseeing management and liaising with the shareholders. The board places great value and importance on the requirement to conduct the company's operations with transparency and integrity, and in accordance with accepted corporate practice.


The board of directors of August 26 Holding and its main subsidiary companies compromises of five Non-Executive Directors including the chairman , are are supported by the executive director corporately known as chief Executive officer or managing Director. The chief Executive Officer or Managing Director is the chief financial and accounting officer of the company with full accountability to the board. Directors of both August 26 Holding, its subsidiaries companies are appointed by the shareholder, the ministry of defence. The board are independent and meet regularly after every three months and when need demands




Company Profile

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Brig.Gen.(rtd) JV Auala
Chief Executive Officer




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